Ella Křivánek
Curator at Holden Garage, Berlin


   Project Assistant, Mall of Anonymous,
Schinkel Pavillon, 11.08.23

   Curator, Group show,
Holden Garage, 26.08.23

   Project Assistant, Der Angriffe der Gegenwart auf die übrige Zeit, Schinkel Pavillon, 14.09.23

Exhibitions and Projects



In the Night Time Bloom
  SUPRAINFINIT Gallery, Critical Visions Workshop Curator


  XMAS Special
  Tricking Time
presented with Synchron Magazine

  A Patience Game 
  Your Pillow Watches You at Night
  Beneath a sunkissed bow
  Slow Plosion

    Invisible Ruins
Onion Chamber


   Wind in the XXXX

    Head Over Heels


    Guts Salon
    Pop Up Store


   4lx4s Now
   Place to Be
       Brunswick Sculpture Centre
       Liberty Petrol Station
   The Bathhouse Show


  A Small Group Show
      of British and American Artists

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Writing and Editing

Selected work

Ella Křivánek (*1990) is a Berlin-based curator.



Ella Křivánek (*1990), is an Australian curator based in Berlin, where she runs the exhibition space Holden Garage.

After graduating with a Bachlelor of Arts in creative writing and philosophy from RMIT University, in 2014 she founded a project space in southwestern Tokyo - Space Space - which remained in Japan until 2016.

Over the course of the following three years, Křivánek transitioned the physical gallery into a roving curatorial project, staging exhibitions in Melbourne, Johannesburg, and Zurich under the same name.

In 2019 she graduated with a Masters in Curatorial Studies from Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, and later that year moved to Berlin. In 2021 she founded Holden Garage, which has a program focussing on the curation of transnational exhibitions connecting Eastern European and Australian artistic practices to a German context.

Alongside the development of exhibitions her practice involves writing, research, teaching, and editing. All share a common focus: an interest in understanding and employing the power and influence of Fine Art.

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