4lx4s Now

Offsite: Maboneng Precinct, August House, and surrounds, Johannesburg / 2016

A group presentation featuring Blazing Non-Binary (FKA Blazing Empress), Aaron Carter, Spencer Lai, Tshepo Moloi, OH!BLOOD, Roberta Joy Rich, Amber Wright
Curated by
Ella Krivanek and Dorothy Siemens

can't ship the works to south africa if you don't have the big bucks.
have you ever thought that you can't just treat the installation of art in public as something outside of race, place, time? geez
i wanted to treat myself as an actor,
so that you could see them
and me, or just the third silence.
but in context. not seperated from anything
i worry about money all the time. my hair is going grey faster than my parents, my sisters and i all our hair is going grey.
the thought that art was made at a distance, from the artist, from the curator, from the public, from institutions but it doesn't happen in a vacuum, it happens in an amniotic sack of stuff that's around it all, and in it.
all this stuff is cool, it's just a communal game, but it's important nonetheless I reckon. not a cool idea even, i just have dumb ideas all the time, but.
anyway miscommunication happens when you text emojis from an apple phone to an android.

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