Head Over Heels

OnCurating Project Space, Zürich / 2018

A group presentation featuring Katherine Botten, Aurelia Guo, Ceylan Öztrük, Stefanie Knobel, Spencer Lai, and Carla Milentis
Curation and text by
Ella Krivanek

A person is a person floating through a place where visibility is low. Their brain is calculating constantly. Every once in a while their face and their knees dip underneath the cloud they are travelling in. There is another place a long way below. Their stomach drops.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind

You spend your time thinking about:

Eating three meals a day,
calling your parents,
replying to your friends emails,
keeping the peace,
pleasing people,
staying on top of admin,
spending money (online shopping),
trying to get the right amount of vitamins and water in your body,
dating and masturbating regularly,
having a valid ticket, buying expensive cooking oil,
responding to opportunities, self-critting, fantasising about your future life, setting goals, picturing your own funeral, picturing your retrospective, not quitting smoking but limiting your smoking, maintaining your flexibility (yoga/stretching/room workouts), appeasing men, being part of the sisterhood, reading good theory, getting 8 hours, antidepressant schedules, self-medicating, self-flagellation.

Thought for the day: remember to progress constantly :)


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