Ella Křivánek
Curator at Holden Garage, Berlin


   Project Assistant, Mall of Anonymous,
Schinkel Pavillon, 11.08.23

   Curator, Group show,
Holden Garage, 26.08.23

   Project Assistant, Der Angriffe der Gegenwart auf die übrige Zeit, Schinkel Pavillon, 14.09.23

Exhibitions and Projects



In the Night Time Bloom
  SUPRAINFINIT Gallery, Critical Visions Workshop Curator


  XMAS Special
  Tricking Time
presented with Synchron Magazine

  A Patience Game 
  Your Pillow Watches You at Night
  Beneath a sunkissed bow
  Slow Plosion

    Invisible Ruins
Onion Chamber


   Wind in the XXXX

    Head Over Heels


    Guts Salon
    Pop Up Store


   4lx4s Now
   Place to Be
       Brunswick Sculpture Centre
       Liberty Petrol Station
   The Bathhouse Show


  A Small Group Show
      of British and American Artists

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Writing and Editing

Selected work

Ella Křivánek (*1990) is a Berlin-based curator.


In the Night Time Bloom

Holden Garage, Biebricher Strasse 14, Berlin 12053 / 2023

A presentation of works by Antonia Nannt and Michael Sandford
Curated by
Ella Krivanek

1 July - 14 August

In the wake of dark disasters which lay waste to cities and leave whole territories uninhabitable, we commonly see buildings and household objects left lying in their place, becoming overgrown by plants infused with uranium and other toxic substances.

After nightfall, the daisies close their petals on their weary heads heavy with asbestos dust from blown open walls, and fluoro-glowing sunflowers confusedly knowing not which way to turn, face the ground and weep pollen from their one brown eye.

Antonia Nannt (*1995, DE) lives and works in Berlin. Recreating elements of architectural ornamentation, particularly facades, she redeploys these symbols in homespun forms and industrial materials. Through the unusual combinations of material, arrangement and scale, she draws out the emptiness and uncanniness of these often nature-based motifs, skirting the lines between retaining their decorative qualities and revealing the precariousness of their meaning and use. On the one hand beguiling the viewer to take pleasure in the sparkling glass, or metallic sheen of her steel and enamel sculptures. On the other, questioning how they are used as part of the language of design to forcibly transmit nostalgia, reassurance, or even power itself.

Nannt studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and graduated in 2021 at the Universität der Künste Berlin in the class of Manfred Pernice. Her work has been exhibited at Galerie Anton Janiszewski, Berlin (2021), WAF, Vienna (2022), and June, Berlin (2022) among others.

Michael Sandford (*1998, Canberra, AU) is an artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. His practice materialises increasingly hallucinatory conflations of virtual and physical realms, calling into question contemporary boundaries of public space. Confusing time, place and significance, Sandford attempts disorientation in the face of technological omniscience

Selected recent exhibitions include In Time, On Time, Out of Time, PS Art Space, Fremantle (2023); Here’s your sign. Yes, I love you, TCB Art inc, Melbourne (2022); and a circle’s a circle(’s), Rushes, Melbourne (2022).



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