Ella Křivánek
Curator at Holden Garage, Berlin


   Project Assistant, Mall of Anonymous,
Schinkel Pavillon, 11.08.23

   Curator, Group show,
Holden Garage, 26.08.23

   Project Assistant, Der Angriffe der Gegenwart auf die übrige Zeit, Schinkel Pavillon, 14.09.23

Exhibitions and Projects



In the Night Time Bloom
  SUPRAINFINIT Gallery, Critical Visions Workshop Curator


  XMAS Special
  Tricking Time
presented with Synchron Magazine

  A Patience Game 
  Your Pillow Watches You at Night
  Beneath a sunkissed bow
  Slow Plosion

    Invisible Ruins
Onion Chamber


   Wind in the XXXX

    Head Over Heels


    Guts Salon
    Pop Up Store


   4lx4s Now
   Place to Be
       Brunswick Sculpture Centre
       Liberty Petrol Station
   The Bathhouse Show


  A Small Group Show
      of British and American Artists

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Writing and Editing

Selected work

Ella Křivánek (*1990) is a Berlin-based curator.


Invisible Ruins

Holden Garage, Biebricher Strasse 14, Berlin 12053 / 9 December 2021 - 3 February 2022

A presentation of works by Lauren Burrow & Annkathrin Kluss
Curation and text by
Ella Krivanek

Once upon a time, at the heart of a bone, contained within cylindrical pockets, were thick juices delicious to a certain kind of worm. These symbiotes of the sea are called Osedax, or “bone eater”, but are more colloquially known as zombie worms. They burrow into the bone and feast on the fats inside, wending their way between the stalks of a rib cage, or in tooth-gaps formerly lined with the meat of gums. The worm’s body is white like the bones it feeds on, an anti-shadow in the deep blue/black which characterises these graveyard bone forests, leagues below the ocean’s surface. Osedax is a gourmand drawn to a whale carcass in the deep.

Up in the Sunlight Zone scientists are 3D scanning corals now, to archive them for a future date when the real things are dead and disintegrated. Meanwhile, they’re giving the living ones electroshock therapy, as though they were the animal world’s Sylvia Plath.

Lauren Burrow (*1992) is a Darwin-born, Naarm (Melbourne)-based artist, whose sculpture and installation practice is founded on deep research. These inquiries are encapsulated in materially grounded, glimmering artworks whose appearance contains contradictions: simultaneously attracting the gaze while speaking to volatility and seemingly invisible histories.

Annkathrin Kluss (*1991) is a German artist based in Berlin, whose works investigate how external environments and internal worlds shape each other in a feedback loop. Her videos and installations draw from literature, theory and archival research to tell stories of performative terrains and alienated inhabitants as part of a playful melancholic grotesque.

Exhibition documentation by Thomas Krüger.


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