Wind in the XXXX

Project Room 13, Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus, Zürich / 2019

A group presentation featuring Joseph Buckley, Bill Bühler, Nina Emge, Amy Jane Parker, Nadia Perlov, Ander Rennick 
Curation and text by
Ella Krivanek


O you uncouth boyish fate
What do you know of my churning, chumbucket insides?
There is no castle on the horizon,
And in the future there won't be any more mourning
Simply because there won't be time.

We'll run from those motionless familiar faces
Et tu fishie?
We cannot cry out in regretful surprise.
Nostra culpa. We are the ones to inflict pain.
A serrated edge blade
A blackened bread knife
Deep in your dark abyss
A nocturnal emission from volcanic rock
Sulfurous, noxious

I only want to see a dazzling hill
A skeleton leaf opens no doors, a voice says faintly
An oily rainbow string of dew on a spider web
in the light of dawn
Ecstatic my eyes roll back into my head  →
Hopelessness is not timeless,
Thrust back - once more with feeling!
A tide of comfort, waves of words
A panacea for the tongue and heart and brain
What's that? Drool on my pillow?

Pre-boredom, boredom, and finally tears
In vino veritas
Mater Pater
Wine red seas of vomit

At least
A small breeze
And shallow feels

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