Selected written and edited work

Sentiment Gallery, CH
OltrePanico! (2023)
Curated by Olga Generalova and Philémon Otth
Solo exhibition of Leonardo Pellicanò
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
Tricking time (2022)
Curated by Synchron Magazine and Ella Krivanek
With works by Bezimmieny, Zoe Jackson, and Leander Kreissl
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
A Patience Game (2022) 
Curated by Ella Krivanek
With works by Jürgen Baumann and Spencer Lai
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
Your Pillow Watches You at Night (2022)
Curated by Ella Krivanek
With works by Alethea Everard and Jake Kent
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
Beneath a sunkissed bow (2022)
Curated by Ella Krivanek
With works by Tobi Keck and Amy Parker
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
Invisible Ruins (2021)
Curated by Ella Krivanek
With works by Lauren Burrow and Annkathrin Kluss
Exhibition Text

Holden Garage, DE
Onion Chamber (2021)
Curated by Ella Krivanek
With works by Anne Fellner and Carla Milentis
Exhibition Text

Halle Für Kunst, DE
When there is no laughing matter, laughing matters (2021)
Curated by Hendrike Nagel and Elena Setzer
With works by Morgan Bassichis, Vanessa Conte, Hamishi Farah, James Krone, D’Ette Nogle, Nadia Perlov, Kameelah Janan Rasheed
Copyediting and translation: exhibition essay (DE-EN)

Kunstraum Niederösterreich, AT
Words That We Resist - Proposition on the Collective Practice of Kritzel (2021)
Fanni Futterknecht
Curated by Miwa Negoro
Copyediting: exhibition text and performance script

Talion Gallery, JP
To Cuddle a Goat, a Poor Grammar Exercise (2020)
Aya Momose and Mai Endo
Curated by Miwa Negoro
Copyediting and translation assistance: Exhibition text and English video subtitles

Cater to You (2019)
Cudelice Brazelton, Madison Bycroft, Jake Kent, Anna Solal, Zoe Williams
Curated by Maree Gerbaulet, Hendrike Nagel, Elena Setzer
Writing: Review, Passe-Avant Magazine

Jonathan Stieger, CH
Visual Artist
Artist bio/statement (2019)
Co-written: by Jonathan Stieger  and Ella Krivanek

Raum*Station, CH
Tip Tui - Performance Undercover (2019)
Stefanie Knobel
Editing: Exhibition text and performance script (DE-EN)

Curator of the 10th Berlin Biennale, Gabi Ngcobo
OnCurating Journal Issue 41 (2019)
Writing and editing: Interview

Founders of the Monte Cristo Project, Enrico Piras and Alessandro Sau
Interview published in OnCurating Journal Issue 41 (2019)
Written by Domenico Roberti
Editing: Ella Krivanek

OnCurating Journal: Centres/Peripheries
Issue 41 (2019)
Co-Edited by Ronald Kolb, Ella Krivanek, Camille Regli, Dorothee Richter

Mischgewebe, CH
Performance duo
Press text (2018)
Co-written by: Melanie Danuser and Ella Krivanek

das weisse haus, AT
Parallax Traing (2018)
Eva Engelbert, Yuki Higashino, Yukari Inoue, Nathalie Koger, Michikazu Matsune, mamoru, Ralo Mayer, Fuyuka Shindo, Kanako Tada, Anna Witt
Curated by Miwa Negoro
Editing: Exhibition Text

Tshepo Moloi, ZH
Visual Artist
Artist bio/statement (2017)
Co-written by: Tshepo Moloi  and Ella Krivanek


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